Online Casino Reviews in New Zealand 2021

If you’re looking to start playing at online casinos in NZ and would like to read the best online casino reviews, you’ve come to the right place.


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We’ve invested time into seeking out the very best real money casinos for New Zealand players, reviewing them in full, and posting our honest thoughts for you to check out here.

It is very important to know exactly what to expect from an online casino because we are dealing here with real money that the users trust the casino with. We encourage you to make all the necessary checks before starting playing!

How We Review Our Online Casinos?

We consider it incredibly important to make sure we only bring you all the relevant, most detailed information about online casinos in NZ. That’s why you’ll only find reviews of the very top sites, at which you can sign up and take part in real money gaming.

While there are various checks that we go through when creating our online casino reviews, our prime focus is to ensure that each of the casinos is completely trustworthy.

So, what exactly can you expect from these online casino reviews? Well, there will be in-depth information about the following elements:


Payment Methods

Players have to make a deposit at an online site before they can start playing some of the real money casino games available.

This is why you’ll find that all of our casino reviews feature details about the payment methods accepted, whether there’s any fee for depositing, and how quickly transactions are processed. The idea is, to give you the most up-to-date information regarding the different methods available for payment. We also cover the less known payment methods that some of the users might be familiar with.


Online Casino Games

Casino games are one of the main reasons that most of us sign up for a casino site, right? Well, if you want to know about the types of games that a platform provides, our reviews will explain all of this to you in-depth.

We’ll give you transparent information on the software developers providing their games to the sites, and cover which are the most popular options worth your time. It’s important to know that the most popular game worldwide is online pokies.

There are thousands of different online pokies that have different RTPs. RTPs are also explained in different places on our website and we encourage our users to check them before playing the chosen game.


Casino Bonuses

Something else that you’ll get to learn by reading our online casino reviews is the types of promotions each of our recommended platforms offer. If you’re a fan of receiving a bonus when signing up, enjoying a set of free spins or accepting certain ongoing rewards, we have all the details for you to read here.

We put a huge effort to bring you the most up to date casino bonuses and to explain everything about them. There are many types of different bonuses and our top mission is to help you understand them all and learn how to take advantage of them to win big!

When using the bonuses correctly and knowing what the wager is, you can achieve great results.

If you are looking for a specific casino bonus, you should refer to the review page of that casino and you’ll find the best casino bonuses available for that time!


We all need to know if an online casino can be trusted when it comes to making withdrawals. This stands out as another vital focus for us when providing you with information about the gaming sites we review.

Our online casino reviews include only established casinos that are able to pay winnings and we make sure that all of your funds are safe and secure until then. Another important thing is the maximum withdraw. If the maximum daily/weekly withdraws are too low, you won’t be able to take your winnings quickly – which we believe is a problem. Our top priority is to know that the casino is capable of letting you withdraw big amounts in a short time.

We’ll inform you of the timeframes for making a withdrawal, the payment methods you can use for your transactions, and if there are fees involved.


License and Security

Another area that we focus on when it comes to being trustworthy is whether the online casino holds a relevant gambling license or not. We’ll only recommend ones that are licensed and regulated, while it’s also necessary to ensure that they make use of the top security measures for your safety.

We are doing weekly security checks to see that the SSL of the online casinos is still there. Also, we check and make sure that the regulations that are stated on their website are still relevant. Everything for you to feel safe and secure.


We believe that it’s very important to check the payouts percentage. That’s why the casino sites that we recommend have been thoroughly checked to discover what sort of payouts they provide. This includes deposit methods too – if the deposit process is too hard or not flexible, the withdraw process probably will be problematic too.

Mobile and Apps Casinos

The vast majority of the best online casinos today can be accessed from a mobile device, be that via an app or through the handset’s web browser. We’ll take a look into the mobile variation of the casino for you, and explain how smooth the experience is in our expert casino reviews.

Mobile gaming is reaching new highs, and we take it into consideration. Some of the checks that we do on mobile casinos are if their UI is appealing and if the UX is on a high level. Of course, those checks come in addition to the games available on mobile and how fast their website/app loads on mobile devices and if there are any serious bugs that should be taken under consideration.

We understand the big importance of mobile casinos in the new era we are living in and that is exactly why we are prioritizing this specific check before some of the others, that are very important too!

Customer Service/Support

One final part that we believe you should know about is the range of support options available at your chosen casino. We’ll let you know about the times of day live chat operates, whether telephone support is offered, and if email and social media communications are available.

Plus, we’ll give you an insight into how helpful the advisors at these platforms are when dealing with customers.

We know exactly what kind of issues new or old customers might have and we do all the necessary checks to decide whether the support is good and helpful – or not.


When we review our online casinos, we take the registration process into serious consideration. The registration should be simple and fast and we are expecting to see that on all of the online casinos we’re covering.

If you are not satisfied with a certain casino registration process, please contact us and we will discuss it and change our review accordingly.

We avoid recommending online casinos with a very long registration process, as it may be unpleasant to many users. A long registration process doesn’t mean that the security is of high quality. For that, we are doing other checks.


Bottom line is, we try to be as neutral as possible when we write our online casino reviews. We believe in transparency and therefore we do everything to make our reviews more accurate and wide. We choose only the best casinos in New Zealand to bring you the best experience with the highest win rates. So, stick with us and check out our latest casino reviews.

In addition to our fully covering casino reviews that can be found in the main menu under “Casino Reviews”, we also have a casino news section that includes frequently published articles that cover different aspects of the casinos that appear in our reviews. If you have a specific topic in mind that you would like us to cover, please do not hesitate to contact us!

If you feel that you have a gambling problem, please refer to GambleAware as soon as possible.