About Us

My name is Daniel. I am the author of the website. I’ve been playing a lot of different games online. My passion for online casinos was born when I was looking for a higher thrill. I had the pleasure to meet 2 of my current best friends, who are helping me with this amazing project.

Each casino review takes us at least 2 weeks to process – we are checking all the possible factors and trying to give our readers the best and most honest experience.

Why are we so different?

My team and I are different because we provide you with extra value. We are almost never using content writers – we prefer to do all the checks ourselves and write about them. I believe that the users deserve the most honest review when they are looking for online casino reviews. You will get the most reliable information here, and if there is something that you don’t like or think is wrong – please feel free to contact us and I will surely assist you and even will update our content and reviews to fit your experience (if proves are provided, of course).

Bottom line

Bottom line is, we at Casino Reviews, believe that the user deserves to be treated well with a reliable content based on true checks and inspections that are taking place monthly. We always go back to our reviews and check if anything changed. If things do change, we are there to edit and improve them. You can simply contact us and we will gladly assist you with any issue you might have.

Sincerely yours,