Wv Gov. Justice Is Concerned About The Complicated Evolution Of Covid-19

Recently, Governor Jim Virginia of West Virginia expressed concern over the dizzying outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in Mountain State.

Speaking in the state last Saturday, Governor Jim Virginia expected everyone to stop all collective activities, including recreational activities, to ensure safety. At the same time, he said that it was also a way to push back and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the state.

A first positive case was found here. Shortly thereafter, isolation measures were strictly implemented. Casinos, as well as other forms of entertainment, have also closed temporarily to limit the spread of the virus. The Jim Virginia-owned casino at The Greenbrier Resort has also been suspended. Despite strict and strict controls, up to now, 16 states have been positive for COVID-19.

Jim Virginia emphasized that most of the citizens of the state have implemented quite well the regulations of isolation and safety measures. However, this figure is only at 60%. The remaining 40% are still weak in consciousness and disobey orders. Specifically, some gaming and gambling venues continue to operate, despite the dangers of the disease.

The closure of casinos will create economic instability. Because every month, each gambling venue will usually contribute about $ 50 million to the country’s revenue. John Cavacini, president of the state gaming and racing association, has announced that five state casinos are officially closed down due to complicated developments of the disease.

Therefore, in order to contribute to reducing the damage caused by the cessation of casinos, a state legislator had an idea to increase the implementation of iGaming and online casinos.

On Twitter, State Del. Shawn Fluharty (D-Wheeling) said the state legislature had approved online casino laws since last year. This policy has received a lot of support from the people and promises to contribute a large part to the state revenue. Up to now, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania have officially provided iGaming services. The state has also moved to require the West Virginia Lottery to rapidly deploy the iGaming model before July 1st of this year.

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