Casinos Will Continue To Close At The Behest Of President Trump

At a press conference on Sunday, President Donald Trump announced that social distancing guidelines would continue to be strictly implemented to cope with the COVID-19 epidemic. Implementation time will last until the end of April.

In the past few weeks, the COVID-19 epidemic in the US has been developing very complicated happenings. President Trump said that the disease mortality rate in the US would continue to rise in the next two weeks. The situation is expected to be stable and well-controlled by June 1. However, this will depend heavily on following the CDC’s recommendations.

The contents of this recommendation include: to minimize meetings with more than ten people, people are also encouraged to work from home and should not travel at this time. At the same time, people should keep a safe distance (at least 2 meters) when coming into contact with an infected or suspected person infected with the coronavirus.

In the face of instructions from President Trump, the operation of casinos will also be affected. Casinos will undoubtedly continue to close and not operate during this time. Of the total 989 casinos in the US today, only 7 of them continue to open until May 5 weeks. And this number will continue to decline in the near future. That’s one of the main reasons why we see an increase in revenues worldwide of online casinos. The online casinos in New Zealand get to enjoy the same increases.

Besides, major sports tournaments will likely continue to be postponed until the end of April. According to current information, only a few events will continue to take places such as the NFL Draft (taking place from April 23-25), a UFC fight card (April 18), and thoroughbred horse races like Oaklawn Racing and Gaming and Gulfstream Park.

Before Trump’s announcement was made on Sunday, many casinos had announced that they would extend the closing time due to the complicated development of the disease. Typically, the Pokagon Gaming Authority has announced that the suspension period for Four Winds Casinos in Michigan and Indiana will be extended indefinitely.

Earlier, the casino was closed on the morning of March 17, and the casino owner also announced it would pay full salaries for its first two weeks. This policy is aimed at helping staff overcome difficulties during this period, and is a way to prevent and limit the spread of COVID-19.

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