Online casino terminology that every beginner should know in 2020

If you are new to betting and gambling, this article will surely help you. We will help you understand some of the general terms used in online casinos. Let’s check them out!


A wager is both a verb and a noun meaning betting. This term is often used in traditional casinos as well as online ones.


The casino is where the bookmakers and betting players gather the boxes together. This is also the place of business for large organizations.

Bettor or Punter

Bettor (USA) and Punter (England) are the common words for betting players. However, in many international online casinos nowadays, we mainly use the word member.

Bookie or Bookmaker

Bookie, or Bookmaker, means the house, which is likened to those who do the work and rake the rate.

The players will base on the ratio to assess if it is a reputable house and decide whether to bet with the house or not.


Gambling means betting. In the old days, gambling was simply a challenge to something. 


This is the vocabulary you need to pay much attention to. You base yourself on this to decide whether to bet or not.


The abbreviation of Return To Player means the percentage of the wagered money will return back to the player if the player wins.


A large prize in a casino game that continues to increase in value until someone wins it.


A stake is a bet that the player deals with the house.


This vocabulary is used to describe the benefit a player gets once he wins the bet, which is usually money.


A typical online casino usually has three main types of bet including Asian Handicap, Europe Handicap and Over/Under Handicap. Nowadays, the word handicap is used more commonly than spreads

Top Dog/Favorite Dog

This is the word for the top door that is most likely to win. Their odds are usually low.


This is the word for the lower door, which is most likely to lose and so their rafters are very high.


If you are a beginner who is practicing betting or gambling, the glossary of online casino terminology above is the most basic information you should know. However, the glossary of online casino terminology is very diverse and changing with time. Therefore, it is necessary to update these terms regularly so that you can bet more effectively. If you want to get some additional insights about the different terms used in the gambling world, please refer to our casino reviews for NZ players.

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