Las Vegas Reopened After The Closing Time Due To The Covid-19 Epidemic

Las Vegas dubbed the “city that never sleeps,” eventually had to “sleep” for quite a long time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, from March 18, 2020.

When the Covid-19 epidemic devastated the US economy, Las Vegas was one of the worst affected. A third of the local economy is the hospitality and entertainment industry. Most work cannot be done at home. Therefore, in these difficult times, most Americans can only play at online casinos. This is the reason why the rate of access to information on casino reviews has always been high.

For more than two months, all activities of this world’s busiest entertainment city have been slowed down. In the main road of Las Vegas Blvd, sometimes there is a rush car, the curb is empty, a few locals run leisurely. All entrances to hotels and casinos are closed, people could not play casinos or slots anymore. On the roads leading to the parking lot, several limousines were used as barrier cars.

By the end of May, Nevada had 8,593 cases of Covid-19 and 417 deaths, of which Clark County had 6,657 cases and 344 deaths. Currently, the infection rate in Nevada is about 1.3%, and the death rate is about 1.1%. This is a relatively low number in the general epidemic situation in the United States.

According to Governor Steve Sisolak, the state government allowed the reopening of casinos in Las Vegas and other locations from June 4, but also set a limit of 50% for each casino productivity and must ensure the social spacing and hygiene measures. The restaurant only welcomes guests who have reserved tables. Entertainment shows, nightclubs, and sporting events are not yet allowed to open. 

Although allowed to operate again, however, to ensure safety, these places are required to take physical isolation measures, wear masks, and check customers’ temperature in advance. These rules contribute to restricting contact between customers to prevent the spread of viruses in the community.

Although new regulations to ensure safety have been prepared, demand at this time is not high due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic situation.  The representative of this entertainment industry in the state said that tourists and players playing casino games here are mainly locals and neighboring states at first because many people are still worried about traveling by plane.

Thus, after a period of stagnation, the casino industry is gradually being restored. This can be considered as good news for the entire United States.

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