How To Play Blackjack Online? The Best Beginners Guide For You!

Blackjack is known to be the most popular gambling game at online casinos. For those who love to play casino games, it is impossible not to know this extremely simple and attractive game. Of course, most of the online Blackjack games are also available on mobile casinos.

Here we will introduce the rules and how to play online Blackjack for newbies for everyone to refer to.

– First, the player will place a bet at the disposal as long as the rules of the game.

– Next, when all players have a bet, the dealer will deal the cards. In the first round, each player is dealt a card, and this card will turn over. The first player to the left of the dealer is dealt first. According to the next order, the dealer is dealt last. In the second round, the dealer gives an extra card to each player, and the last card to the dealer is face down.

– The next step is the turn of the members.

When all players have 2 cards, then start playing in turn. There are 2 situations:

  • The player who has Blackjack and the dealer does not have Blackjack will win that game.
  • Or if the total of the first 2 cards of a player under 21 points, that one has the right to choose one of the options below:
  • + Stop not draw cards anymore if the score is high.
  • + Continue to draw cards if the score is not too high.
  • + Double: It means increasing the bet to double.
  • + Split: It is used when the first 2 cards you received are the same.
  • + The insurance bet: It is used when the dealer card is Ace (A).

– Banker’s turn

If all players have drawn enough cards, the dealer will turn over their remaining cards and calculate points.

There are two cases:

  • If the total of the first two cards is less than or equal to 16, the dealer has no right to be considered, forcing to draw more cards until the point total is 17 or more to qualify.
  • When drawing two cards and the total value is equal to or above 17, the dealer must stop drawing. Next, consider the points of others and decide to win or lose.

This article has helped you better understand how to play Blackjack online. Currently, there are quite a lot of online casinos in New Zealand offering this game. You can search for these bookies via casino reviews to choose the best dealer to play BlackJack. Wish you have fun and good luck!

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