The New Zealand Casino Officially Removed Social Isolation Measures

New Zealand abolished social isolation measures after declaring the absence of Covid-19 patients, indicating that the country has reached its goal of eliminating the coronavirus. Therefore, local casino operator SkyCity Entertainment Group Limited has also announced that online casinos in NZ will be allowed to resume operations without the need for social isolation.

Immediately, after the New Zealand government announced the danger of coronavirus risk reduction in this country from level 4 to level 1, The Wellington and Sydney-listed officially removed the social isolation measures previously implemented. That means the country has lifted all restrictions and regulations related to disease prevention.

Temporarily Stopped Working

Previously, since March 23, SkyCity Entertainment Group Limited has been responsible for casinos of New Zealand communities of Auckland, Hamilton, and Queenstown. At the same time, they were forced to temporarily close those three locations to prevent the spread of the virus in the community. Therefore, during this time, most people choose online casinos and mobile casinos to play instead of land casinos. This is the reason why the number of accesses to casino reviews increases greatly during the epidemic.

Revival Is Limited

However, the operator was allowed to operate again about two months ago. Of course, because of the effects of the epidemic, they must operate under the control of a new health management framework. Specifically, games at casinos must be divided into separate areas and cannot accommodate more than 100 people. In addition, they must comply with the rules on social spacing, increase the distance between players, and at the same time, reduce the number of seats in the casino.

And Now, Full Function!

Immediately, after the New Zealand government announced it would lift all restrictions on people and businesses, except for border restrictions to prevent viruses from entering. Graeme Stephens, SkyCity’s Executive Director, also stated that all restrictions and previously applied social distance measures will be lifted. He also asserted that all activities would return to normal. Moreover, promotion policies and related events will be organized shortly.

Stephens said he was delighted to welcome customers back to the casinos. He also pledged to fully implement safety measures, maintain safety standards to further prevent the COVID-19 epidemic. Moreover, he encourages customers to continue contact tracking through the Covid Tracer app of the New Zealand government.

New Zealand has been exemplified as an example of a successful strategy against the Covid-19 pandemic, but there is still a long way to go to return to life.

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