With 50 cents, the bettor wins $525,000 at Gulfstream Park in Southern Florida

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Last Saturday, at the Gulfstream Park in Southern Florida, a bettor won a sum of up to $525,000 while paying only 50 cents.

We are pleased to remain anonymous. He excelled in betting exactly the first five races of Saturday’s 13-race program, which took place at Hallandale beach north of Miami. The first three respectively won with 70/1, 36/1, and 26/1 odds.

Nine Pick 5 tickets won in the first three races. As a rule, these 50-cent bets will earn $14,483.65. However, an individual who excelled over the last two races won by Enzoexpress and Lashara. This has resulted in a win of up to $524,966.50.

Quarters into Fortunes

According to information provided by Ed DeRosa, this is considered the 5th most valuable win in the history of betting in North America. Ed DeRosa is an up-to-date website for horse racing related information and is managed by Churchill Downs in Kentucky.

A Pick 5 wager will ask to select the winner of 5 consecutive races to receive the grand prize. The parimutuel system will determine the number of winnings on the Pick 5.

Accordingly, all winning tickets will be divided equally. And of course, this amount will not count towards the amount the track takes as commission.

As for the lucky bettor of last Saturday, the amount of $524,966.20 he won by betting $0.5 corresponds to the traditional horse racing betting cabinet of 1,050,000/1.

Horse racing is still active during the COVID-19 season

Faced with complicated developments of the COVID-19 epidemic, all commercial casinos in the United States have temporarily ceased operations. At the same time, world events and tournaments are almost postponed.

However, horse racing is probably the exception. It still continues to work in some states. Those in the horse racing industry think that horse racing is a very important activity for their health and happiness at present.

At the same time, they say horse racing is an activity that helps maintain agricultural activities in some states. They also cite that horse-race athletes are all well-trained, so they can ensure safety for their health.

However, specifically in Bittenbender and Kentucky, horse racing was suspended. According to the latest information, the Kentucky Derby will be rescheduled until September 5.

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